Molly & Gidget started as an online clothing boutique in 2011 by owner/CEO TK Trask. The inspiration? TK wanted a place women could find unique items represented by two personas - Molly: a vintage, high class diva, and Gidget: a rock and roll cowgirl. Fast forward several years, Molly & Gidget is still the place where consumers can find unique items. But, this time - it’s our own designs or vintage items you can’t find everywhere else.

Vintage. Western. Fringe. Sparkle. That’s what Molly & Gidget is about. We are style brand that is all about one-of-kind, custom items as well as unique vintage finds. When you shop with M&G, you can rest assured you will never make a “who wore it better” list. Nothing we do is ever like everyone else because how boring is that?! We invite our customers to #goyourowndirection.


  • Molly & Gidget Owner/Designer/CEO

  • On-Air Personality

  • Fashion Show Producer

  • Stylist

Need we say more?

Contact TK by emailing: tktrask@mollyandgidget.com.